Source code for spotify.playlist_unseen_tracks

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import logging
import pprint

import spotify
from spotify import compat, ffi, lib, serialized

__all__ = ["PlaylistUnseenTracks"]

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class PlaylistUnseenTracks(compat.Sequence): """A list of unseen tracks in a playlist. The list may contain items that are :class:`None`. Returned by :meth:`PlaylistContainer.get_unseen_tracks`. """ _BATCH_SIZE = 100 @serialized def __init__(self, session, sp_playlistcontainer, sp_playlist): self._session = session lib.sp_playlistcontainer_add_ref(sp_playlistcontainer) self._sp_playlistcontainer = ffi.gc( sp_playlistcontainer, lib.sp_playlistcontainer_release ) lib.sp_playlist_add_ref(sp_playlist) self._sp_playlist = ffi.gc(sp_playlist, lib.sp_playlist_release) self._num_tracks = 0 self._sp_tracks_len = 0 self._get_more_tracks() @serialized def _get_more_tracks(self): self._sp_tracks_len = min( self._num_tracks, self._sp_tracks_len + self._BATCH_SIZE ) self._sp_tracks ="sp_track *[]", self._sp_tracks_len) self._num_tracks = lib.sp_playlistcontainer_get_unseen_tracks( self._sp_playlistcontainer, self._sp_playlist, self._sp_tracks, self._sp_tracks_len, ) if self._num_tracks < 0: raise spotify.Error("Failed to get unseen tracks for playlist") def __len__(self): return self._num_tracks def __getitem__(self, key): if isinstance(key, slice): return list(self).__getitem__(key) if not isinstance(key, int): raise TypeError( "list indices must be int or slice, not %s" % key.__class__.__name__ ) if key < 0: key += self.__len__() if not 0 <= key < self.__len__(): raise IndexError("list index out of range") while key >= self._sp_tracks_len: self._get_more_tracks() sp_track = self._sp_tracks[key] if sp_track == ffi.NULL: return None return spotify.Track(self._session, sp_track=sp_track, add_ref=True) def __repr__(self): return "PlaylistUnseenTracks(%s)" % pprint.pformat(list(self))