Social sharing controller.

You’ll never need to create an instance of this class yourself. You’ll find it ready to use as the social attribute on the Session instance.


Whether the session is private.

Set to True or False to change.


Get the ScrobblingState for the given social_provider.


Check if the scrobbling settings should be shown to the user.

set_scrobbling(social_provider, scrobbling_state)[source]

Set the scrobbling_state for the given social_provider.

set_social_credentials(social_provider, username, password)[source]

Set the user’s credentials with a social provider.

Currently this is only relevant for Call set_scrobbling() to force an authentication attempt with the provider. If authentication fails a SCROBBLE_ERROR event will be emitted on the Session object.

class spotify.ScrobblingState[source]
class spotify.SocialProvider[source]